Co-Creation is in our DNA

Partnering with you to fuel your Marketing and Revenue Engine

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Created because we understood there needed to be a new agency model

Founded on the promise that the latest marketing & revenue generation practices need to be accessible to any size organization

HEEDGROUP was established by veteran agency executive Tina Miletich on the belief that Marketing in all its facets is a critical component of growth. Tina believes that Marketing, when held responsible for organizational growth, touches every part of the business because Marketing’s profound role is to understand what drives the customer. Having supported large and small organizations through fundamental business transformations, Tina and her team saw that there was a missing category of agency.

A new model of agency was needed for small to medium sized businesses that were managing growth – an agency that was a collaborative partner to Executive leadership.

An agency that combined outsourced strategic Marketing leadership with a creative and campaign execution team working in tandem with the Executive’s and Board’s growth goals.

An accessible New York City, Madison Avenue Agency for any sized growing company

HEEDGROUP was launched as the new model of agency where a company in the midst of managing growth, can turn on a fully functioning Marketing department and an agency with the same action. And, that agency had a transparent pricing model based on delivered services through a predictable monthly spend.


Working with you!

See how we have worked with others. Nothing is more exciting to HEEDGROUP than to see our partners benefit from our work. We want to work with you to grow your business.

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