Overhauling and Relaunching A Decade’s Old Search Engine Marketing Strategy

Blytheco Paid Search Case Study

HEEDGROUP successfully relaunched a paid search strategy, improving qualified traffic to our client's website.


Relaunching a Paid Search Strategy

Within 5 months of creating, and relaunching a highly targeted, and customer - centric Paid Search Strategy, Impressions, Clicks, Page Views and High Quality Leads increased all while decreasing the Cost - Per - Click.

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After working alongside Blytheco (A Business Software Reseller and Implementation Consultant) for various Digital Marketing projects over the last few years, they sought out the help of HEEDGROUP to run and manage their paid search strategy and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns (Google Ads and Bing Advertising).  When HEEDGroup dug-into the search accounts after taking lead on the search strategy, there were hundreds of ads in the market, as well as more than a dozen in-market campaigns that all organically got turned on through the years. There was no overarching apparent direction or goals for all those campaigns. That’s where we started to learn more through an audit.

A majority of ad groups had rendered 0 impressions, clicks, conversions, etc. for the entirety of their existence. In addition, many of the campaigns for the various micro industries they serve, as well as, the products they resell all used the same generic keywords and ad copy across multiple campaigns. HEEDGROUP was tasked to start to bring value to the Paid Search Strategy for the Blytheco business. This meant bringing in highly qualified leads to ultimately grow the Blytheco sales pipeline.


Our first step was to narrow down the number of live paid search campaigns in market. This left us with 3 campaigns running on Google Ads and 3 campaigns running on Bing Advertising. These campaigns represented their brand, one of their major technology software categories they serve (for example, Enterprise Resource Planning), and one of their most prominent and expensive business software platforms they sell. 

With these specific campaigns at the forefront of their new strategy, we needed to drive traffic to specific pages on their website that best epitomized these three campaigns. All traffic (with the exception of 1 ad group) was sent to specific landing pages with either downloadable or gated content. These landing pages were put through an extensive, and large - scaled redesign and relaunch effort, and in the process were made to be SEO friendly. Soon after, the most popular content pieces were gated, and eventually as we moved forward, all content was gated in order to increase the number of leads being brought into the Blytheco sales funnel. 

Once the Search algorithms had caught up to these drastic changes, our next focus was looking at the campaign results, and how to better optimize them. HEEDGROUP began creating and launching ad groups solely based on what users were interested in and searching for rather than using assumptions - we were targeting based on actual behavior. Both landing page and ad copy were created with actual user searches that HEEDGROUP tracked on a daily basis. With this shift, we began to see the click-through-rates (CTR’s) of these specific ad groups become more than three times as high as the B2B industry average. 

The last piece of the puzzle was to make sure only highly qualified leads were being targeted and brought into the sales funnel. To accomplish this, and make sure cold leads were not being targeted, HEEDGROUP completely overhauled the current keyword strategy. An extremely targeted, long - tailed keyword strategy was launched and almost all keywords became long -tailed, and exact matches. There were still some long - tailed keywords that were phrase matches, and only short - tailed, broad keywords were used if they were related to the brand. 


Within 5 Months of launching out audience behavioral & centric strategy:

  • Impressions increased by 172% 
  • Clicks increased by 123%
  • Costs per clicks decreased by 41% 
  • Paid Search views increased by 44%

Within 5 Months of launching our extremely targeted, long - tailed keyword strategy

  • High quality leads increased by 1,300%;
  • And the HEEDGROUP PPC Search Strategy had over a quarter-of-a-million in Sales Qualified Leads that were being nurtured through the sales funnel which if all closed would garner a $5 to $1 R.O.I.
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Blytheco Case Study Brief

Step 1: Understand and audit current paid search campaigns, and narrow down campaign focus


Step 2:
Drive paid traffic to specific landing pages with downloadable and gated content

Step 3:
Launch highly targeted ad - groups, a long - tailed keyword strategy to increase quality in the sales pipeline